The Hood

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River’s Bend

The small town of River’s Bend was once founded near Simland’s largest river and has traditionally been largely focused on fishing, though these days the harbour serves more as a quaint detail for tourists. The town’s medieval roots can be seen in some of the older buildings, though an economic upswing a few decades ago led to massive rebuilding and renovating and many old quarters were ruined.

River’s Bend has its own hospital, a public school, a cruise ship terminal, a public library, several shops, a church and a handful of restaurants and pubs.

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Families living here: Chaplin 5, Mazza 1, Siew 1, Cameron 1, Krois 1, Krois 4, Krois 2, Brushwood 1

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River City

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Since it’s only a brief commute away from River’s Bend, River City has always been the place where sims go to work. Being relatively close to Belladonna Cove, River City didn’t expand until a century or so ago when the city started to grow beyond its former size and welcomed many new citizens.

The central areas aside, Sim City is divided into three large districts with their own different characteristics. North Side has historically been home to the workers and the immigrants, the people keeping the factories running. Today it’s the cheapest area in the entire city and the one most in need of maintenance and renovation. Here you find council flats and small apartments.

Westbury is by far the most popular housing area with a large variety of public and private estates.

South Bay is the oldest preserved district, with plenty of buildings that can be dated back several centuries. It’s now a trendy spot where quirky little shops and coffee houses thrive and the young adults gather here because of the cheap rents. If you seek to buy your home, however, you need to be willing to pay a great deal.

River City has a University Hospital as well as an airport, allowing for much traffic and many job opportunities.

The National Academy for Dramatic Arts is also located in River City, a fact that makes the town a popular cultural hotspot.

Families living here: Krois 3, Krois 5, Brushwood 2, Chaplin 6

* * *

River Plains

Expensive and exclusive – those were the words the city planners once used to advertise for River Plains, a suburban hotspot for families willing to spend a little more money on their living conditions. These days River Plains is a lot more diverse with cheap, modern flats and renovated townhouses popping up everywhere and the area has also seen a large population increase.

River Plains has plenty of shopping opportunities, coffee houses and restaurants.

Families living here: Beana 1, Chaplin 1, Chaplin 2, Chaplin 3


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