Chaplin 2

Kaidan Chaplin household profile

Kaidan Chaplin | Jeannie Chaplin | Adam Chaplin

Kaidan was born in River’s Bend but moved with his family to River Plains when he was a kid. He’s got four sisters and a late brother, Lewis, who died in 3039.

From a young age Kaidan was interested in all things creative and since his father is an architect, he found inspiration to become one, too. He quickly declared his major at Academie Le Tour and went all in to pursue his dreams. On campus, Kaidan rented a house with his cousin and best friend, Ives Leonard Chaplin.

Kaidan had dated Meadow for several years and they still remained a couple after graduation, but fairly soon they begun to deteriorate and realised that they had grown apart. It was a hard time for Kaidan who has always wanted stability and family life. He soon found a new girlfriend, though, in Jeannie Wong who came into his life with a bang, not with a whimper. They hadn’t dated for long before they became very serious and when Jeannie found herself pregnant they decided to tie the knot.

Their first child, Adam, was born in 3038.



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