Brushwood 1

samara39_frontSamara Brushwood – household profile

Samara Brushwood | Ethan Brushwood | Nathaniel Brushwood

Samara Brushwood originally moved to River’s Bend with her husband Jeremy and their daughter Esther. When Esther was a teenager their second daughter Martha was born but only a short time afterwards, Jeremy suddenly died of a heart attack. Samara was devastated.

She raised Martha alone for several years before she met Ethan who became like a father to Martha in no time. Samara and Ethan married in 3018. Since Ethan had no children the couple decided to pay for fertility treatment, despite Samara’s age. The result was Nathaniel who was born in 3020, completing the family.

The Brushwoods have not always seen eye to eye on things and one of the main causes of turbulence in the family has been Martha’s teenage pregnancy. Having had Esther when she was young and far from ready to be a mother, Samara wanted Martha to terminate the pregnancy once she found out about it but Martha insisted on giving birth to her child and raise it herself. It became the root of several conflicts between mother and daughters, especially since Esther sided with her sister rather than their mother. Ethan has been a unifying force and a bridge between them ever since he joined the family.


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