City lights, city hearts

August 3041
Opal Krois is 34, Edmund Krois is 34, Lily Krois is 6
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At some point in her life Opal has completely abandoned the idea that states kids need fresh air and a garden outside their home to survive and grow into decent human beings.

These days not many people comment on it but back when Lily was a baby and they kept saying that they’d never abandoned River City, they had a few raised eyebrows and a couple of snide remarks.

But they persisted in their city dwelling, making travels and culture their priority and their goal. She wants a career, Ed wants to make it as a writer and they don’t feel they can focus on these things well enough in a small town like River’s Bend.

Hence the city. And the love affair with it that has sort of rekindled itself as of late.

Sure, it has it’s downsides, too. Noisy neighbors, for example.

It’s always awkward to have to tell your next-door-neighbour that they’re making noise, but even more awkward if the person is someone you almost sort of know – in this case it’s Brett Harper, who looks like he wants to disappear through the floor when Opal shouts at him to turn down the goddamn music.

He tells them he will, that he’s actually moving out and has a lot of things to pack. It feels like a lame excuse but she buys it, for once.

“Can I go back to sleep now?” Lily asks when the music stops.

Opal nods, sitting down on her bedside for a while, until Lily’s breathing has become slow and steady and she’s fast asleep again.

But the city, their love for it, it just never goes away.

Ed goes out in the early morning to buy breakfast – bread, milk, cheese, fruit – to get them all ready for their days.

And then Opal goes to work, drops of Lily at her school and Ed remains at home, working on his articles and budding stories. He wants to write crime stories or young adult sci-fi, and probably could if he just put his mind to it, but he claims he’s got too little time on his hands.

Maybe that’s true but Opal feels pretty certain there are a lot of distractions for him at home and wishes sometimes that he’d move his writing time to either a rented studio or the library.

She’s always been the efficient one in their relationship, the doer, the one who gets the planning done. Even now she returns home in the evenings and continue working on some of her family law cases while Lily does her homework or plays with her friends outside. Ed typically eats while talking to her about his day, eager for company and discussion while she’s mostly tired.

Despite their differences though, she’d say they have a very good life.

Ebbe often comes over to the city with his kids, now that they’re all out of toddler-hood and it’s evident Lily loves her cousins. They are allowed to play outside on their own as long as they’re always visible to Ed who’s watching them through the living room window, occasionally pacing around the flat like a mother hen. Opal loves that about him, even if she’s made of sterner stuff and thinks kids must try their wings.



* I’m eager to play this hood but the blogging drags. I’m going to be very liberal with this current round and not expect any thrilling stories as they settle into their TS4 lives. 

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  1. Starrsim says:

    So cute, I can imagine him pacing about as well

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