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Sophie and Michael Beana – household profile

Sophie Beana | Michael Beana | Liv Beana | Vincent Beana

Sophie was Edmund Krois‘s college girlfriend who ended up becoming best friends with his on-and-off lover Opal and the three of them spent their college years in an intricate sort of relationship. It had always been clear to Sophie, though, that the only girl Ed could be truly serious with was Opal so she never expected a life-long thing with him and broke up with him in order to be just friends. It worked and Ed remained a very important person in her life.

Her original plan had been to become a stay-at-home mother once she graduated and found someone to marry, but instead Sophie found herself drawn to her studies and decided to go for a PhD once she had graduated with a degree in history. She was encouraged by her former professor Dawson Perry, with whom she also shared a chaste but still very lively flirt for a long time. When Sophie started dating Michael, she decided to make a move on Dawson to get it out of the system so she could know, once and for all, if they could have something or if she should get serious with Michael.

Dawson made the choice for her when he stepped back, arguing that they were at two wildly different places in life and that he didn’t want to take things further because of it. Sophie and Michael then quickly became an item and when Sophie found herself unexpectedly pregnant with twins, the couple bought a house in River Plains and got married that same year.

Liv and Vincent were born in 3034 and both Sophie and Michael struggled to finish their studies while raising them.

Michael works as a nurse while Sophie landed a contract for a series of history textbooks that she’s co-writing with a handful of other historians. She’s also hired part-time as a lecturer at Academie Le Tour and Michael is on night shift rotation at River City University Hospital, something that has meant that they rarely see each other and their marriage has begun to suffer for it.


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