Chaplin 5


Karen Chaplin – household profile

Karen Chaplin | Albin Chaplin

Karen Chaplin – born Karen Mazza – moved to River’s Bend in 3013 when she became involved with the late Noah Chaplin. He was 17 years her senior and ready to settle down, something that Karen found that she wasn’t. Despite this the couple got married in 3015 and eventually also became parents to Ives Leonard and later Eamon. Karen was free-spirited, carefree and adventurous  – just like Noah, except, as it turned out, without Noah’s longing for a family, for stability.

Noah and Karen tried to work out their differences and find a common rhythm of life but it proved difficult. After a few shaky years, Noah begun having a flirt with La Shawn Cameron and when Karen admitted that she didn’t think their marriage was going to work, Noah took things further with La Shawn.

After the divorce, Karen and Noah filed for shared custody of their sons and remained if not friends so at least on fairly good terms. After Noah’s tragic death in 3024, Karen unexpectedly became friends with La Shawn, who had given birth to Noah’s son Hayden and was pregnant with his twins. They formed a strong friendship that grew far beyond having children that were half-siblings and Karen ended up being the one who helped La Shawn through the loss of Noah.

Karen had always felt like a freak in the quiet town and was often the one other people gossiped about. It didn’t exactly help when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant after a casual fling with a guy who turned out to still be in college. While she had the intention of having an abortion, she found herself too far along and had to adjust once more to the changing circumstances of life. Her third son, Albin, was born in 3026.


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