Martha Brushwood

Name: Martha Brushwood
Date of birth: 3011
Current age: 30 (3041)
Date of death:   
Parents: Samara Brushwood & Jeremy Brushwood
Siblings: Esther Siew, Nathaniel Brushwood
Partner: Addison Allbee (engaged)
Children: Elise Brushwood

Job: field sales representative at a production company
Previous employment:
Education: River High (high school), college
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime want: Earn a 100 000 simoleons

Personality: Outgoing, lazy, nice, serious, neat. A bit spoiled, can be a bit of a smart-mouth. Charming and somewhat sly. A somewhat restless, rootless soul.
Biggest fear: That she’ll be stuck in a routine where she can’t change anything. That she won’t be able to achieve her goals because of her decision to have a baby at 16.
Hobby: cuisine
Interests: Entertainment, the paranormal, science fiction and animals.

Romantic History: Dated Konrad Krois from the age of 12. Engaged to Thomas Centowski for a couple of years before she broke up with him
First kiss: Konrad Krois
First partner: Konrad Krois
Number of partners: 3

Notable friendships:
Other important events: Her father died when she was 3, she remembers very little about him; Ethan is the man she thinks of as her daddy.

Previous photos:



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