Krois 5

Konrad Krois – household profile

Konrad Krois | Theresa Krois | Jessica Krois | Larissa Krois | Trey Krois


When Konrad became a father at 16 he decided not to go to college. Instead he remained in River’s Bend, raising his daughter Elise while trying to maintain a relationship with her mother, Martha Brushwood. Quickly, however, their relationship deteriorated and ended in 3031.

Konrad met Theresa through his brother Ed who initially asked her out himself but got turned down – a big deal for a romance sim – because she didn’t feel they had anything in common. She did find a lot of common ground with Konrad, however, and Elise became very fond of her very quickly.

In 3032 the couple got engaged while celebrating Christmas with the Krois family and they married in 3033.

Theresa had always dreamed of a large family so it was painful for her to find that it proved difficult to become pregnant. They tried for a long time before finally doing a fertility treatment that resulted in twins – Jessica and Larissa. A couple of years later little Trey came along, without IVF and almost without trying at all.

Theresa works as a designer but dreams of owning her own shop where she can sell her clothes. Konrad works as a construction worker for a small company in River City.


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