Talin Chaplin household

Talin Chaplin household profile

Talin Chaplin | Serena Chaplin | Julia Chaplin | Joanna Chaplin


Talin met his first wife Catriona when he moved into a new flat in River’s Bend. Catriona was his next door neighbour who had just ended a long relationship (with Griff Siew) and they quickly became good friends. Soon, though, they realised it was more than that between them. They were both in the same situation in life – around 40, longing for a family – and wasted no time.

Catriona and Talin married in 3013 and had four children together. During most of their childhood, Talin stayed at home to take care of them.

In 3029 a car accident claimed Catriona’s life, leaving Talin alone with the kids. He mourned her intensely but met another woman fairly soon, something that made him feel conflicted about it all. That woman was Serena, a game designer visiting family in River Plains, and despite initial doubts about moving on, Talin agreed to go out with her. They fell in love rapidly and married in 3032 when Serena was already pregnant with Joanna and Julia, their twin girls.


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