Index of rounds and stories

Round 3011-3013

Winter 3011
Brushwood: Follow me

Summer 3011
Krois: From May to December

Autumn 3011
Chaplin 1: I’m losing you

Spring 3012
Chaplin 2: Becoming less like Alfie

Birthdays round 3011

Round 3013-3014

Winter 3013
Chaplin 1: I’ll give you the perfect lovesong

Spring 3013
Brushwood: Celebrate good times

Summer 3013
Krois: These precious days I’ll spend with you

Wedding special: I’ve finally found someone

Autumn 3013
Chaplin 2: Falling is like this

Winter 3014
Siew: Adventures in solitude

Summer 3014
Birthday special: She’s having my baby

Autumn 3014
Esther Brushwood: Volcanoes melt you down

Round 3015-3016

Winter 3014-3015
Ensemble: So unlike yesterday (Happy New Year)

Spring 3015
Samara Brushwood: Woke up new

Summer 3015
Noah Chaplin: I’d rather be with you

Catriona Chaplin: Uncomplicated

Autumn 3015
Siew: Stand by me

Winter 3015
Wedding special: Blue skies overhead

Spring 3016
Krois: The stars are not wanted now

Summer 3016
She’s having my baby (3016)

Summer 3016
Esther Brushwood: By protecting my heart truly

Round 3017-3018

Winter 3017
Catriona Chaplin: Full house

Spring 3017
Esther Brushwood: No men would ever dance like this

Summer 3017
Krois: But you take whatever train you can

Autumn 3017
Siew: Those first steps that I can’t calculate

Winter 3018
She’s having my baby (3018)

Summer 3018
Brushwood: Summer loving

Autumn 3018
Noah Chaplin: Baby, hold on

Winter 3018
Wedding bells

Round 3019-3020

Spring 3019
Krois: If I’d fall, would you pick me up?

Siew: Someone like you

Summer 3019
Catriona Chaplin: I am the luckiest

Autumn 3019
Cameron: Driving away from the wreck of the day

Winter 3019-3020
Ensemble: What lies waiting down the line

Krois: Come sail your ships around me

Spring 3020
Noah Chaplin: The mild issue of our disgrace

Autumn 3020
She’s having my baby (3020)

Round 3021-3022

Winter 3021
Siew: If you leave me now

Spring 3021
Cameron: The fear that you won’t fall

Summer 3021
Chaplin: Stand where I stood

Wedding special: I do, I do, I do

Siew: Sigh no more

Autum 3021
Chaplin: House guest

Winter 3021-3022
Cameron: Back to me

Spring 3022
Krois: On top of the world

Autumn 3022
She’s having my baby (3022)

Round 3023-3024

Winter 3023
Chaplin: Winter’s blessing

Summer 3023
Siew: Join the dreaming

Autumn 3023
Brushwood: Teenage wisdom

Winter 3024
Cameron: Stop all the clocks

Spring 3024
She’s having my baby (3024)

Summer 3024
Chaplin: Flu season

She’s having my baby (3024)

Autumn 3024
Krois: Things can only get better


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