Brushwood 2

martha39_frontMartha Brushwood – household profile

Martha Brushwood | Elise Brushwood

Born and raised in River’s Bend, Martha has always longed to get away, to find other things than those that are in front of her. She’s restless – often too restless for her own good.

When she found herself pregnant at 15, her life took a whole new direction. The child’s father was Konrad Krois, Martha’s best childhood friend and current boyfriend. Martha’s mother tried to talk her into having an abortion, then later to give the baby up for adoption but Martha was stubborn and supported by Konrad as well as her sister Esther, she decided to keep the baby. Elise was born in 3027. Martha and Konrad remained a couple all through high school.

The couple struggled to combine parenthood with college, especially Martha who moved away, leaving behind a life that she hadn’t really been prepared for. From start, Konrad was a much better parent than she could dream of being and this made her think that maybe she could fade away into the background a little bit.

Martha and Konrad broke up when Elise was three and since Martha was still in college, their daughter ended up living with Konrad. It offered Martha a sense of freedom that she hadn’t previously felt and though she had mixed feelings about it, she began to enjoy being a normal college student. She quickly found a rebound boyfriend in fellow student Thomas Centowski with whom she also got engaged.

After graduation, they moved to River City where Konrad now also lived with his new girlfriend Theresa. The idea was that Elise would have a very short distance between her parents but she spent the majority of her time with Konrad. But slowly, the mother-daughter relationship begun to evolve. In 3035 Martha turned down a great job opportunity in order to remain in River City and when she eventually ended her relationship with Thomas and moved to a new place, she dedicated a bedroom to her daughter. When she was 11, Elise moved to Martha and they are now trying to rebuild their relationship.


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