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Birthdays round 3011

One cold, crisp autumn day, Jeremy and Samara Brushwood rush off to the hospital to welcome their second child. Advertisements

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Becoming less like Alfie

Spring 3012. Noah Chaplin is 38. (Catriona Chaplin is 37. Karen Mazza is 21.) Noah has been working with entertainment his entire adult life. From sleazy bars to low-budget plays to where he is now – in a medium sized … Continue reading

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I’m losing you

AutumnĀ 3011. Catriona Chaplin is 36, Griff Siew is 33. (Talin Depisse is 40.) Catriona doesn’t know when the decline in their relationship started, but she knows when she started noticing it.

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From May to December

Summer 3011. Lana Krois is 34, Matthew Krois is 68, Edmund and Ebbe Krois are 4. Lana is due September 3011. They have always insisted on ignoring certain facts: That he’s much too old for her, that she’s much too … Continue reading

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Follow me

Winter 3011. Samara Brushwood is 37, Jeremy Brushwood is 39, Esther Brushwood is 16. Esther is bored with the whole thing: this town, these people, the lame school where nobody is even the slightest bit interesting or cool. River’s Bend, … Continue reading

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