New place for River’s Bend

I’ve realised that I don’t have time to blog in the traditional sense about River’s Bend BUT I really, really want to continue to play the hood and share the progress, so I’ve decided to use tumblr for that purpose.

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City lights, city hearts

August 3041
Opal Krois is 34, Edmund Krois is 34, Lily Krois is 6
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At some point in her life Opal has completely abandoned the idea that states kids need fresh air and a garden outside their home to survive and grow into decent human beings.
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Hey, grandma

July 3041
Karen Mazza is 51, Albin Mazza is 15, Eamon Mazza is 25 (Blake Mazza is 3, Aidan Mazza is 1)
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Grandchildren are a treat, people tell her. The last stop in a full life and whatnot.

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The new hood and the new blog

So, here it is:


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Moving on then

Since I had a bit of free time (and frankly, I’ve been poking around in the Sim CC sections of the internet forever, because simming is important, dammit) I started creating my new hood.

It’s going to be called Barchester and I’ve set up a blog for it and everything. Rolled 6 starting families and added a few lots here and there. Building the hood is going to be a WIP, I’m not the kind of player who has to finish a hood to play it.

Anyway, enjoy (?) some pictures of the process.


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Crash and restart?

I’m sad to announce that I lost River’s Bend along with everything else on my harddrive recently. Had a nasty virus that required a complete wipe and reinstall of everything so everything I’d saved, including my backup that I for some ungodly reason had forgot to transfer to someplace beside, you know, the harddrive is gone.

I really want to continue to world-build in Sims 2 (Sims 3 and 4 do nothing for me) and I’m considering starting over from scratch with another hood. Since I’m also back to working full time now my gaming time is much more limited but I really, really miss simming.

Just wanted to let you know the state of things.

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Fast forward button

Summer 3041
Cordelia Chaplin is 25, Louise Chaplin is 23, Brett Harper is 31, Aiyana Gregory is 33
Last update: Winter 3040

Some phases in life seem bound to be over very quickly.

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