Doris Siew


Name: Doris Siew
Date of birth: 3021
Current age: 20 (3041)
Date of death:
Parents: Esther Siew & Griff Siew
Siblings: Jeremy Siew, Rebecca Siew, Nadia Siew
Partner: Bruce Stieff (dating)

Job: college student
Previous employment:
Education: high school
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime want: Max out 7 skills 

Personality: stubborn, nice, geeky
Biggest fear:
Hobby: nature
Interests: science, science fiction, literature

Romantic History: dated a classmate called Grant for most of high school
First kiss: Grant
First partner: Bruce
Number of partners: 1

Notable friendships: Has always been close with her uncle Nathaniel and is one of the few people who find him sweet.
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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