Opal Krois

Opal Krois (Raymond)
Date of birth: 3007
Current age: 34 (3041)
Date of death: 
Partner: Edmund Krois (married since 3034)
Children: Lily Krois

Job: lawyer at a small law firm in River City
Previous employment: 
Education: Graduated from Academie Le Tour, finished law school in 3032
Businesses owned: 
Aspiration: Fortune / Family
Lifetime want:  Become the Law

Personality: dominant, outgoing, forceful, intelligent, arrogant, good-hearted, ambitious, restless
Biggest fear: failure of any kind; to turn out like her parents
Interests: work, politics, the environment, going out

Romantic History: Ed Krois was her first boyfriend back in high school, since then she’s had several shorter relationships as well as a long-standing non-relationship with Ed, culminating in a one-night-stand before she left for law school. Got engaged to Lukas De Winter but broke off the engagement right before the wedding.
First kiss: Ed Krois
First partner: Ed Krois
Number of partners: plenty! 😉

Notable friendships: Good friends with Sophie Beana
Other important events:

Previous photos:



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