Lana Krois

Lana Krois
Date of birth: –
Current age: deceased
Date of death: 3035, at the age of 58
Partner: Leo Krois (married in 3021)
Children: Edmund Krois, Ebbe Krois (twins), Karl Krois, Konrad Krois (twins), Laura Krois

Job: Elementary school teacher
Previous employment:  various teaching jobs
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime want:  Become education minister

Personality: neat, nice, shy, spiritual, somewhat old-fashioned
Biggest fear: her shrinking savings account, that her kids will be unhappy
Hobby: tinkering
Interests: food, fashion, travels

Romantic History:  Her first husband Matthew died in 3016
First kiss: –
First partner:
Number of partners:

Notable friendships:  Catriona Chaplin was her best friend and had been since they day they first met. She is also close friends with Talin Chaplin.
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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