Nathaniel Brushwood

Nathaniel Brushwood
Date of birth: September 3020
Current age: 21 (3041)
Date of death:
Parents: Samara Brushwood & Ethan Brushwood
Siblings: Esther Siew, Martha Brushwood (half-sisters)

Previous employment:
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Romance
Lifetime want: Become celebrity chef

Personality: clever, grouchy, sloppy – a closet romantic soul looking for big adventures. While he’s lazy and unambitious about his future, he still believes deep down that if he wanted something he could truly have it. He just waits for that thing to emerge.
Biggest fear: that he’s actually not that charming and that he won’t succeed at anything.
Interests: partying, sports, cars, cooking

Romantic History: had a huge crush on Louise Chaplin and sort-of-dated her for a little while despite Louise being two years older. He then moved on to Laura Krois, much to her family’s dismay but ended things with her when he graduated from high school.
First kiss:
First partner:
Number of partners:

Notable friendships:
Other important events:



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