Edmund Krois

Edmund Krois
Date of birth: 3007
Current age:  34 (3041)
Date of death:
Parents: Lana Krois & Matthew Krois
Siblings: Ebbe Krois (twin), Karl Krois, Konrad Krois, Laura Krois (half-sister)
Partner: Opal Krois (married since 3034)
Children: Lily Krois

Job: reporter at Sim City Journal
Previous employment:
Education: high school, has a degree in art and literature from Academie Le Tour
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Romance / Family
Lifetime want:  Woohoo with 20 different sims (done)

Personality: bright, charming, easily distracted, self-centered, lazy and shy – the latter is something that very few people actually realise or believe.
Biggest fear: that he’ll miss out on things, stagnation, being stuck
Hobby: film and literature
Interests: culture, sports, entertainment, fitness

Romantic History: has been in an on-and-off non-exclusive (on his part) relationship with Sophie Beana all through college. In college he also spent the night with Opal right before she left for law school and she’s the only woman he’s ever been truly serious about.
First kiss: Opal Raymond
First partner: Opal Raymond
Number of partners: more than 20.

Notable friendships: Opal is his best friend and the one who truly gets him.
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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