Cordelia Chaplin


Name: Cordelia Chaplin
Date of birth: Spring 3016
Current age: 25 (3041)
Date of death:
Parents: Catriona Chaplin & Talin Chaplin
Siblings: Kaidan Chaplin, Louise & Lewis Chaplin (twins), Julia and Joanna Chaplin (half-sisters)

Job: currently doing her medical internship at Sim City University Hospital
Previous employment:
Education: high school graduate, MA in medicine from Academie Le Tour
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Knowledge/Romance
Lifetime want: Become Chief of Staff

Personality: clever, perfectionist, active, kind, dominant, serious and introverted
Biggest fear: not living up to her own set of standards, being involuntarily alone
Hobby: tinkering
Interests: computers, tech stuff, science, literature, cooking, working out

Romantic History: Debbie Phelps was her first high school crush turned into a relationship. She then entered into a serious relationship with Robin Anderson, which ended in 3038.
First kiss: Debbie
First partner: Debbie
Number of partners: 2

Notable friendships: Is very close with her cousin Eamon, with whom she also shared a rented house on campus.
Other important events:

Previous photos:



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