Griff Siew

Griff Siew
Date of birth: –
Current age: 62 (3041)
Date of death:
Partner: Esther Siew (married in 3021)
Children: Doris Siew, Jeremy Siew, Rebecca Siew, Nadia Siew

Job: Scientist (Mad scientist)
Previous employment: High school teacher, college tutor
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Knowledge / Family
Lifetime want: Become mad scientist (filled) Graduate three children from college

Personality: logical, calm, secretly romantic but emotionally reserved to a point where he frustrates even himself, dependable, friendly (but introverted) and stable.
Biggest fear: It used to be unwanted solitude, now he’s afraid of losing what he’s got – despite his successful career, Esther and the children are his life in a more profound way than he’d be comfortable admitting.
Hobby: nature
Interests: food, fitness, sports and entertainment

Romantic History: Dated Catriona Chaplin for five years, then he met La Shawn Cameron whom he was engaged to and intended to marry before he realised he was in love with Esther who is the love of his life.
First kiss: –
First partner:
Number of partners:

Notable friendships:
Other important events: Meeting Esther was a wake-up call for him in several ways and she made him re-evaluate his life and his priorities.

Previous photos:


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