Fast forward button

Summer 3041
Cordelia Chaplin is 25, Louise Chaplin is 23, Brett Harper is 31, Aiyana Gregory is 33
Last update: Winter 3040

Some phases in life seem bound to be over very quickly.

Like this post-college phase – or well, not really post-education for Cordelia since she’s just finished her internship and is about to begin another one but definitely for Louise. Brett seems to have been in this phase for a good ten years, what with working mostly from home during weird hours thing, so Cordelia can understand if he’s eager to move away from it.

cordy41_3In all honesty, she’s kind of looking forward to the day when she’s not sharing a house with anyone besides her own significant other and their brood. She really likes Brett but there are days when all she wants is to cook breakfast in her underwear without feeling like she ought to have worn clothes because she has company in the kitchen.

It doesn’t help that he’s social and interested in everything either – she still doesn’t feel like talking about her love life or medicine when she’s just tumbled out of bed.

She had looked forward to co-living with Louise and for the most part it’s great but it’s also tiring. And crowded.

cordy41_7Some nights she goes out jogging just to get some peace and quiet. It’s the perfect excuse because nobody can blame her for wanting to stay in shape either, it’s not a crime.

cordy41_18Cordelia is really lucky to have Aiyana – like her she’s very focused on her job and you’d think it would make dating hard but it’s actually the opposite. Because of their busy lives they have to schedule and because of that they get to see each other very often.

cordy41_19Sometimes they just schedule a “stopping by after work” date and those are often the best since they require no effort or planning. They order pizza or watch a movie or just talk. Cordelia can’t believe anyone can be so damn interesting to talk to but Aiyana really is.

They’ve dated for a long while now and Cordelia had wanted to keep it that way for the longest time, had been afraid of feeling tied down and taken. That has definitely changed.

cordy41_14She’s not sure what it is exactly but with Aiyana, these things don’t seem as suffocating as they had with Robin. When Aia tells her she wants a white picket fence and three kids – “just so you know” – Cordy grins and starts making up terribly distracting fantasies about said fence and babies instead of getting cold feet.

Maybe it’s just that fast forward button everyone else seems to have pressed. Kaidan has managed to get married, father two kids, crash his marriage and become semi-divorced in just a few years and Louise, as it happens, has some big new of her own.

cordy41_5“I’m pregnant,” Louise tells her one night and Cordy doesn’t know if she’s surprised or not. To a casual observer it has appeared as though Louise and Brett are on their way to becoming a little family unit for quite some time, but she also knows that things might not always be exactly as they seem with her sister.

“Congratulations?” She makes it a question and when she doesn’t get an immediate response, she adds: “Or do you want me to see if I can find you an appointment to talk to someone at the hospital?”

“No.” Louise shakes her head. “No. It’s… I’m happy. I think. I don’t know.”

cordy41_8Brett, of course, had been thrilled when she told him.

From what Cordelia can tell, the pregnancy is pretty rough in the beginning. Her sister just wants to sleep and eat – mostly fried bread and milkshakes since she finds everything else too difficult to keep down.

cordy41_13You don’t have to have a degree in medicine to figure out that a diet of fried bread and milkshake will make you fat, yet this discovery still seems to be traumatic for Louise when she finds one morning that the only thing that fits her is a pair of Brett’s trousers.

She isn’t a teenager any more so naturally it’s not that big of a deal but Cordelia knows she will take the opportunity to freak out over it all the same, seeking outlets in banal everyday matters.

Louise hates change – it’s not something she’d ever admit but Cordy knows her sister well and she knows Louise hates change. Ever since their mom died she’s wanted things to be the way they were even if that way was mediocre or even bad. It’s still safe and that’s what Louise wants.

So naturally she’s a quietly fuming little mess over this whole being pregnant thing.

One minute she’s making plans for a last-minute wedding, the next she’s sobbing because her child will have a mother who’s too young to care for it. Cordy reminds her that becoming a mother at the tender age of 24 is nothing out of the ordinary but Louise doesn’t seem to hear.

Brett says they can – and should – remain where they are until after the baby is born, claiming that the baby will share their bedroom for quite some time and that no baby in the history of the world has ever asked for a perfectly decorated little nursery of their very own. It seems like rational thoughts to Cordy as well but her sister seems to feel that unless they can present their newborn with a room of its own from the very beginning, things will fall apart and they will end up having child services taking their kid away.

Then she offers to babysitter both Adam and the girls in some uncoordinated effort to soak up as much practice as she can possibly get. Brett even goes to buy some toys for Adam since Cordy usually babysits at Jeannie’s house if she’s needed. Louise insists that they should have some things at their house, too, however and Brett isn’t picking any fights with his girlfriend.

cordy41_9It’s not a huge success, especially not when Louise suggests they all should play tag. Joanna and Julia frostily explains that they’re nine years old now and don’t play tag.

cordy41_11At least Adam appreciates the efforts.

cordy41_20In the end, Louise wins the discussion about moving out.

Within weeks they’ve managed to track down a rather amazing rental house in the neighbourhood – old and charming enough to be attractive but not modern enough for high rents. To Cordelia it seems like a perfect solution.

cordy41_21Louise worries about the wallpaper, however, and the doors that need to be painted and although Brett reassures her that all it takes is a few days of work she doesn’t seem to calm down.

cordy41_22Cordelia goes with them to inspect the house and it’s a perfect little place for them – it even has a nursery – and she hopes her sister will find some peace of mind once the furniture is in place and the walls are taken care of.

cordy41_15Cordelia decides that she won’t waste any time either, now that she has a whole house to herself again and she happens to know that Aiyana’s flat is pretty expensive and a long drive away from work.

cordy41_16“So,” she finishes her not-so-eloquent proposal of becoming serious and exclusive house-sharers and girlfriends. She swallows and waits for a reaction. “You wanna move in?”

“Yeah?” Aia smiles, raising an eyebrow.


cordy41_17“Well good. I though you’d never ask.”


* So much happened during this play session, dear god! 🙂 Didn’t plan for Louise to get pregnant though I hadn’t bothered with birth control either since I thought I had an override that didn’t allow unmarried couples to try for babies at random. Well, I was wrong! Heh.

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3 Responses to Fast forward button

  1. Carla says:

    Wow, yeah, big changes for everyone here! I’m glad Cordelia is so comfortable with the changes her life is going through. It all seems so natural for her with Aiyana, which is really nice.

    Poor Louise though. I’m sure she’ll come around in time but I can really sympathise with her. Change is really hard for me too! Hopefully she’ll deal with it when she has to – when the baby actually gets here – and can calm down a little about minor stuff like the wallpaper. 😉

  2. maisie says:

    Things seem so nice for Cordelia and Aiyana, I really like that she knows her sister so well, and can be there for Louise. I’m shocked that she is having a baby, and surprised at how well she is taking it. I really like her outfit and large pants, she looks comfortable, and the shirt is perfect.

    Their rental is quite nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changes they implement to make it more cozy for them and their family, ah I can’t believe they are having a baby!!

  3. So for that house Louise is moving into…WCIF? Because that looks amazing and I’m really trying to split up the Heights into different residential sectors and that would be a perfect addition to my “old town” sector.
    Anyway, I’m glad Cordelia is feeling better this time around then the last time. And it was about time for Louise and Brett to move out. Sometimes, you want breakfast in your underwear. I completely understand. Poor Louise, I’m sure she’ll adjust well.

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