Edmund Krois household

Edmund Krois household profile

Edmund Krois | Opal Krois | Lily Krois


Ed and Opal were both born and raised in River’s Bend. They went to the same high school and dated briefly for a while – long enough for them to be each other’s first partners – and went to their graduation prom together.

During college they remained best friends though Opal was reluctant to ever date someone like Ed since she felt convinced they wanted different things from life. She was devoted to her studies and future career as a lawyer and Ed studied film and literature. He also started dating Sophie Beana, who became part of their little circle of friends on campus. Opal and Sophie are best friends to this day and it was always clear to Sophie that Ed would choose Opal over her, if ever given the choice. It was also one of the reasons Sophie broke up with him.

For a while Sophie and Opal lived together


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