Sharlene Jenkins

Sharlene Krois (Jenkins)
Date of birth: 
Current age:  30 (3041)
Date of death:
Partner: Karl Krois (dated since 3029, married in 3037)
Children: Harry Jenkins, Isaac Jenkins (twins)

Job: works in counselling
Previous employment: 
Education: Academie Le Tour graduate, PhD in psychology
Businesses owned: 
Aspiration: Family / Popularity
Lifetime want:  have 6 grandchildren

Personality: nice, introverted, analytical, serious, stable, caring and kind. Doesn’t always speak up about her feelings, tends to nurse grudges instead.
Biggest fear: she is afraid of losing control of her own plans and prefers to have at least brief outlines of her future rather than going with the flow
Hobby: arts and crafts
Interests: passionate about work and psychology research, also likes sports, cooking and interior design

Romantic History: she and Karl are each other’s first everything, and she finds it rather exciting to think about.
First kiss: 
First partner: 
Number of partners: 

Notable friendships: 
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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