Esther Siew

Esther Siew (Brushwood)
Date of birth: –
Current age:  46 (3041)
Date of death:
Parents: Samara Brushwood & Jeremy Brushwood
Siblings: Martha Brushwood, Nathaniel Brushwood (half-brother)
Partner: Griff Siew (they married in 3021)
Children: Doris Siew, Jeremy Siew, Rebecca Siew, Nadia Siew

Job: writer & columnist at a couple of local magazines. (journalism)
Previous employment: dancer
Education: River High (high school), dropped out of college after her Freshman year
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Fortune / Knowledge
Lifetime want: Become a World Class Ballet Dancer

Personality: active, serious-minded, impatient, friendly, ambitious, very stubborn
Biggest fear: To be unhappy with her choices and herself
Hobby: music & dance
Interests: sports, health, fitness, entertainment and food

Romantic History: Gerhard Olson who was her high school boyfriend – they broke up when she was 19. A couple of flings. She met Griff Siew when she was 18 (and he was 35) and they had a one-night-stand followed by a period of no contact at all, before they finally caved in and started dating in 3017.
First kiss: Gerhard Olsen
First partner: Gerhard Olsen
Number of partners: 5

Notable friendships:
Other important events: Lost her first career as a direct consequence of a car accident; started writing when she got pregnant and published her first book – a children’s novel – in 3023.

Previous photos:


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