Karl Krois household

Karl Krois – household profile

Karl Krois | Sharlene Krois | Isaac Krois | Harry Krois

Karl grew up with his mother Lana and his three brothers in River’s Bend. Their father Matthew died when Karl was just a kid and because of it, the family became a close-knit one, leaning on each other for support. Karl has remained especially close with his twin brother Konrad.

Never one for crowds or social gatherings, Karl had few friends and definitely no girlfriends growing up. In college, he met Sharlene and fell in love with her almost immediately. To his surprise, the feeling was mutual and the couple quickly became exclusive.

After graduating from Le Tour they bought a house together in River City, while they both worked on their higher educations. When Sharlene discovered she was pregnant – despite being on the pill – they went through a minor crisis but decided to keep the baby. It turned out that the baby was twins and Harry and Isaac were born in 3034.

Recently the family moved to River’s Bend.


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