Had me at hello

Winter 3041
Martha Brushwood is 30, Addison Albee is 32, Elise Brushwood is 14
Household profile
Last update: Summer 3039

Back when she was a teen she used to think the old saying that love will find you was so romantic, as that kind of love seemed like something straight out of a movie.

Then, after Konrad and Thomas she used to consider love a trite cliché, a waste of her time and emotional investment.

Now she’s not sure about definitions any more but she doesn’t care very much about it, either.

All she knows is that she’s ridiculously in love. In a way that makes her think about Konrad, because it’s similar to that wild rush of teenage hormones combined with the thrill of your very first mutual love, spinning around in your head until you can’t even think straight.

She hasn’t felt this way since then. Not with Thomas, not even the razor-sharp attraction to her boss can compare to the excitement of waking up next to Addy in the mornings.

They moved in together a few months ago despite good intentions of taking it nice and slow and she hasn’t regretted it once.

There’s something to be said about having your lover within reach, whenever you feel that you need to pull him in for a kiss or a hug.

And it just so happens that she has that need very often at this point.

Even so, it frightens her that he’s so damn uncomplicated. She’s never been good at uncomplicated.

He tells her he wants them to get married at some point and ideally have “a couple of kids” and when she makes a startled face at that he merely grins and adds that she can be the judge of when and how many, as though these are just simple decisions that in no way make him fret or worry. The only thing he claims to have strong feelings about is their choice of last name – he wants her to change her name, wants to honour his parents by carrying on the Albee line.

It’s not something she’d have considered romantic before, having a detailed discussion about these things.

He proposes to her at the movie theatre, much in the same vein he does everything else – casually, sincerely. When she frowns at the spot he’s picked he explains that he’s carried the ring for weeks, waiting for a right moment.

“And you were so lovely tonight,” he says simply.

She has to admit it’s terribly romantic in its own way, even if they watched the latest action blockbuster and her fingers still smell of buttery popcorn.

They celebrate their engagement by having dinner with Louise Chaplin and her live-in boyfriend Brett, Addy’s best friend from college.

It’s still a bit weird for Martha to regularly hang out with Louise, considering the fact that she used to date Martha’s little brother back in high school. But that’s not exactly a topic they usually cover, so she doesn’t have to think about it too much.

She really likes Louise, too. She’s easy to talk to even if she’s a bit reserved  – the pay-off is that once you get her to open up she’s very clever and aware of things around her. Martha considers asking her to be a bridesmaid if they decide on having a traditional wedding set-up.

martha41_9They also celebrate that Martha has been offered the position as a vice president for the branch of the company that she’s currently working for.

It’s a good time to start saving up for a wedding, she realizes and feels surprisingly excited at the thought of having that whole thing. In some ways it would feel like she’d take back something, walking down that aisle with Addy. She’s messed up a lot of things in her past but this, she promises herself, this will not be one of those things.

martha41_12Judging by the way they interact and talk to and about each other, Martha thinks, they will soon be joined in the married life by Louise and Brett.

They’re almost constantly touching, talking or joking.

martha41_1Elise approves of the engagement in her own way, stating that for the record she’ll only wear a bridesmaid’s dress if it’s not ugly.

Addy got her a laptop for Christmas and ever since, she’s been even more approving of him than usual.

martha41_4Of course they have their disagreements and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to try and explain to a fourteen year old why she can’t do this or that. Not usually Addy’s task either but sometimes life with a teenager demands that you can step in and put your foot down.

martha41_14Martha can’t help but worry a little about her daughter. She’s not in any kind of trouble but she’s just so much of a teenager, in every little way, and Martha is still young enough to remember that those were awful, harsh years.

martha41_19She’s still very close with her cousin Rebecca and with Albin, which has created somewhat of a love triangle between them. From what Martha can tell, Elise is the odd man out and it’s not that strange either.

Martha may be biased but she’s never been one of those mums, those who can’t see their own kids in a somewhat realistic way. Elise and Albin have very little in common and she hopes, even though it would break Elise’s heart momentarily, that he doesn’t intend to go anywhere with her.

martha41_21martha41_20Then one day Elise learns that Rebecca and Albin are in love and though she must have seen it coming, it results in her spending a weekend in her PJs, crying.

“I’m never going to date boys,” she mutters on Sunday night, when they’ve been out for a while and Elise has changed into her usual clothes. “I hate them. They’re stupid.”

“Give it a little time,” Martha says and puts an arm around her daughter’s shoulder.

martha41_15A couple of days later it appears Elise has bounced back from her disappointment with Albin because she’s on the phone again, giggling over some new boy’s name with her friend Heather.

martha41_16Apparently he’s called Robi and he’s just so cool.

Martha ages about twenty years when she hears herself tell Elise to bring him home after school so she can meet him in person and then, when they sit down to eat a sandwich, she ages even further as she realises that no, she really doesn’t care much for this Robi.

She’d like to claim it’s because of how he speaks or acts but the harsh truth is that the reason she feels aversion is because the kid wears sunglasses indoors.

Konrad laughs for a good five minutes when she tells him, then he gives her a warm welcome to the definitely grown-up crowd. Where, all things considered, it might not be so bad to find oneself.


* Martha and Addison are animals, I swear. If she hadn’t been on the pill, they’d have had several kids during this play session, for sure. 😀 I’m very excited to see what possible future babies might look like though, but I have patience. I think.

* No date set for the wedding either, but I want to squeeze it in during this round at least.

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6 Responses to Had me at hello

  1. Carla says:

    I wasn’t sure if Martha would get married but it really seems like the right thing to do with Addison. I’m glad she’s found him and she’s so clearly in love.

    Good to see Elise didn’t mope about Albin too much before moving onto Robi. But I laughed so much at Martha’s reaction to him. I’ve been having a lot of those kinds of moments myself lately, when I realise I really am getting older, so I could really relate!

    • River's Bend says:

      I haven’t decided yet what kind of wedding they’ll have, I can see them go for both traditional and city hall to be honest. 🙂 But I’m glad they’re getting married, too.

      Yeah, nothing makes me feel as old as random interactions with teens.

  2. Ashland sims says:

    Martha and Addison are really into each other! I’m excited for their wedding. It’s a good thing Elise didn’t stay sad too long about albin..she moved on quickly! Robi seems like he might be an interesting character but I don’t know how I feel about him yet. Martha’s reaction to feeling old was funny! She’s very young to have a daughter of dating age so I can see where she’s coming from.

    I read through some of the profiles you have and I love how they are set up! They are so detailed and make me want to revamp mine! Biggest fear – awesome idea! How do you come up with them?

    • River's Bend says:

      I’m glad you like my profiles! They are pretty in-depth and I think I borrowed a lot from Lakeside Heights back when that was an active TS2 blog – the downside is that I have lots and lots of blanks that need to be filled now. 🙂 I have no system for coming up with the answers, however, I just try to use the character’s POV.

  3. maisie says:

    Super excited that she is going to get married! They seem very happy together, and I really liked the photo of her checking her nails while Addison talked with her, such a teen! Also liked the photo of her freaking out as Albin and Rebecca made their relationship known. And I totally understand why she isn’t keen on Robi, wearing shades indoors is totally lame! But with a good makeover, he might not be too terrible.

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