Catriona Chaplin

Catriona Chaplin (deceased)
Date of birth:
Current age: Died at the age of 54
Date of death: 3029 (car accident)
Siblings: Noah Chaplin
Partner: Talin Chaplin (Depisse)
Children: Kaidan Chaplin, Cordelia Chaplin, Louise and Lewis Chaplin (twins)

Job: Dean at Academie Le Tour
Previous employment: various teaching jobs
Education: River High (high school), college
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime want: Become education minister

Personality: Outgoing and active, but reserved. She doesn’t make friends easily and she’s a bit too controlled – and controlling – to be easy-going.
Biggest fear: To lose her loved ones. Failure.
Hobby: music & dance
Interests: Work, sports, politics, fashion, money.

Romantic History: A five year long relationship with Griff Siew
First kiss:
First partner:
Number of partners:  A handful, though not many. She’s not keen on intimacy with people she doesn’t know very well.

Notable friendships: Lana Krois has been her best friend since they first met.
Other important events:


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