Siew 1

Esther Siew household profile

Esther Siew | Griff Siew | Doris Siew | Jeremy Siew | Rebecca Siew | Nadia Siew

Esther first met Griff on campus, back during her first term at Uni. He was her boyfriend’s professor and the two of them formed a strange, but important friendship. In Griff, Esther found an unlikely friend who supported her even when she decided to give up her studies in order to pursue a career as a dancer. There was always chemistry between them but since they were in such different places in their lives, life got in the way and continued to do so even after a brief and drunken night together after Karen Chaplin’s wedding. Griff, wanting a family and a stable life, became involved with La Shawn Cameron whom he later left for Esther in 3017, several years after they first met.

Once they made thing official, though, they didn’t waste any time.

In 3021 Esther was hit by a car and ended up in intensive care with permanent injuries that ended her dancing career before it had taken off and while it was a painful moment, it also became a moment of life-altering decisions in general, especially since the accident revealed that Esther was pregnant. They decided to keep the baby and got married later the same year.

Since the accident Esther has made a living out of writing adventure books for children, inspired by their first child, Doris. The couple has four children and quite recently moved back to River’s Bend after many years in the city.


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