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What a day for a birthday (Spring/Summer 3041)

┬áSpring/Summer 3041 Victoria Beana was born in a marriage that had almost been torn apart for various reasons and thus she’s always been considered a very unique little baby by her parents. Advertisements

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What a day for a birthday (Spring 3040)

In the middle of March, Mackenzie and Ives Leonard Mazza welcome their second son to the family.

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Soon we’ll be found

Summer 3039 Sophie Beana is 33, Michael Beana is 36, Liv and Vincent Beana are 5 Household profile Last update: Winter 3038 In all her life, Sophie can’t remember anything quite as exhausting as this.

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Heading for a fall

Winter 3038. Sophie Beana is 31, Michael Beana is 35, Liv and Vincent Beana are 4 Last update: Autumn 3036 In retrospect, it’s always so easy to see where things were wrong, to catch those little mistakes and stop the … Continue reading

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What a day for a birthday (Winter 3038)

Winter 3038. As usual there’s plenty of reason to celebrate in River’s Bend this year.

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Baby, hold on

Autumn 3036. Sophie Beana is 29, Michael Beana is 33, Vincent and Liv Beana are 2 Last update: Summer 3034 Whoever said that you can’t buy happiness, Sophie has decided lately, has never tried raising a family with a miminal … Continue reading

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Life puzzle

Summer 3034. Sophie Beana is 27, Michael Beana is 31, Vincent and Liv Beana are 5 months Last update: Spring 3033 | Autumn 3033 For the past year, Sophie thinks, her life has definitely changed in every single way.

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