Karen Chaplin

Karen Mazza
Date of birth:
Current age: 51 (3041)
Date of death:
Partner: divorced, currently single
Children: Ives Leonard Chaplin, Eamon Chaplin, Albin Chaplin

Job: owns her own bakery, the Bake-Off
Previous employment: hostess at a restaurant, waitress, fast-food manager, restaurant owner
Education: high school
Businesses owned: Bake-Off
Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Personality: Playful, lazy, with a somewhat short temper. Wants to be successful but would prefer getting things without much effort.
Traits: self-assured, seductive, foodie, childish
Skills and hobbies:

Romantic History: Started dating Noah Chaplin in 3012, married him in 3015 and got divorced in 3020. Has been dating and had a number of one-night-stands since then, but nothing serious.

Notable friendships: Unexpectedly became best friends with La Shawn Cameron whom Noah left her for. Good friends with Cole Krois, introduced him to Sophia who became the surrogate mother for his second child.
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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