Samara Brushwood

Name: Samara Brushwood
Date of birth:
Current age: 66 (3041)
Date of death:  –
Partner: Ethan Brushwood. Married in 3018.
Children: Esther Siew, Martha BrushwoodNathaniel Brushwood

Previous employment: –
Education: –
Businesses owned: –
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime want:

Personality: self-controlled, moderate, slightly conservative, ambitious
Biggest fear: To not measure up to her own ideals, both career-wise and in her personal life.
Hobby: dfsfs
Interests: dsfs

Romantic History: Her first husband Jeremy Brushwood died of a heart attack in 3014.
First kiss:
First partner:
Number of partners: 2. She met Jeremy in high school and was with him until his death.

Notable friendships: Made friends with fellow widow Lana Krois who also introduced her to Ethan.

Other important events:

Previous photos:



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