Ebbe Krois household


Ebbe Krois – household profile

Ebbe grew up with his three brothers and his mother, Lana. The family has always been tight-knit and Ebbe is close with all of his siblings but in particular with his twin brother Edmund. When Ed – as well as Ebbe’s high school boyfriend Gordon – left for college, though, Ebbe had to find his own path in life. Deciding not to study, he chose instead to fulfill his dream to work as a mechanic. Having a long distance relationship with Gordon proved too much, however, and Ebbe found himself struggling to connect to his boyfriend. In an attempt to make things better he bought a surprise trip to Three Lakes, but ended up going alone after a messy breakup.

During that vacation Ebbe met Cole Fleig and fell head over heels for him. It was a holiday fling that just didn’t go away and soon Cole had moved in with Ebbe in his flat. The couple got engaged and married in 3029. Cole was hired by a catering company shortly after moving to River’s Bend and Ebbe has been loyal to the auto mechanic company that trained him after high school while dreaming about opening his own place sometime in the future.

The newly married couple bought a house in East Hill, River’s Bend, within walking distance from Ebbe’s childhood home. After a few years together, they both wanted to look into the possibility of having children of their own and decided on using a surrogate mother.

Alina was born in 3032 and both Ebbe and Cole knew immediately that they wanted to have more children. They were already on the waiting list to adopt but didn’t hold much hope of being chosen any time soon. Once more they decided to look for a surrogate mother and found one with the help of Cole’s close friend Karen Chaplin. It resulted in the birth of their second daughter, Helga. Before Helga was even one year old, the adoption agency contacted the couple about a 4-year-old girl named Tana. Ebbe and Cole didn’t hesitate for long and Tana became a part of the family.


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