Come with me, go places

Autumn 3040
Edmund Krois is 33, Opal Krois is 33, Lily Krois is 5
Household profile
Last update: Summer 3038

ed39_18Now that they’re all grown ups with families of their own, Ed finds it fascinating to think about how differently the Krois brothers have played their cards, after all.

Or maybe it’s mostly him.

ed39_1They do family life, too, in their own way. He spends hours every day talking to Lily, reading to her, playing with her and making up strange and fun ways for her to learn new things.

ed39_2Then he reads her to bed every night and when she’s fallen asleep he lights her bedside lamp so she won’t wake up and be afraid of the dark.

ed39_3Then he heads downstairs to work, for as long as he can manage to stay awake.

He’s getting more freelance jobs these days, is asked to write articles about various topics and events and he’s been covering the national elections this autumn, which is exhausting but surprisingly fun. Talking to politicians each day can be draining, but he gets plenty of feedback and he finds that he learns a lot about politics and economy as well, and that feels new and fresh.

ed39_5In the mornings Opal stumbles down, grabs a bag of crisps or some cookies for breakfast and Ed is usually still writing unless he needs to be at some meeting or has an early interview. If he hasn’t, he works until Lily goes to school.

ed39_4She, too, stumbles down the stairs and typically finishes her mother’s crisps or cookies for breakfast. Ed can hear Ebbe and Konrad shout in his head about the importance of a proper breakfast and the dangers of sugar and whatnot.

He mostly finds it funny to see Opal mirrored in their daughter – all the great and not-so-great traits of his wife popping up in Lily, only they seem less annoying and much more adorable in a five-year-old.

ed39_7His brothers wouldn’t stand for it. Not cookies for breakfast and not the complete acceptance of kids inheriting your own bad habits. He thinks about Karl and Sharlene working their asses off trying to make their boys less awful than Karl himself had been, growing up.

They’re a non-conventional family, Ed tells himself. Nothing like Ebbe and Cole and their well-managed family life. Or Konrad and Theresa who both live and breathe their kids. Nothing wrong with those approaches, but it’s not for Ed and Opal.


ed39_8He tries to cook proper meals for dinner, which he feels weirdly proud of. Konrad or Ebbe would never be proud of that, they would just take it for granted but Ed considers it a small victory every day when he has prepared a meal just in time for Opal to get back home and greet him with a kiss.

ed39_9She always wants to take a shower the first thing she does when she gets home. Get the boring cases off her skin, she jokes sometimes. She’s started to feel like she’s in a rut, work wise and Ed knows that while Opal might be more impatient than most, she’s usually right about her gut instinct and her gut instinct had told her to apply for work at a different law firm a couple of months ago.

ed39_10It turned out it was a wise decision – she got a much better position right away, doing family law, which is what she wants to do.

ed39_11To celebrate, Ed books a family holiday for them all in Takemizu.

ed39_12It’s the first time they travel with Lily and it feels like a big step. They’ve always said that one of the most important things they want to do with their daughter is to show her the world, teach her what life is like in other parts of it.

ed39_16And Lily loves new things so she’s eager to participate in it all. They never have to worry about her being shy or worried about strangers and new habits; she takes everything in stride and asks a thousand questions along the way.

ed39_14She even tries everything on the menu, which Ed is pretty certain that neither Ebbe’s nor Karl’s kids would ever do.

ed39_15It’s fun to hang out with Opal and Lily all day for a week, listening to their discussions and stories.

ed39_13They try to give each other some room for individual activities as well, so Ed takes Lily on long walks to look at the different nature here while Opal goes out on her own.

ed39_17She’s not much of a shopaholic but with a new job, she decides she needs a couple of new outfits.

ed39_19In the evenings they stay up way past Lily’s normal bedtime and if she gets too tired she falls asleep in Ed’s lap and he carries her back to the hotel.

All in all it’s a great holiday and it reassures him in many ways that they’re doing the right thing with their lives. This is exactly how he wants to live it.


* I totally see Ed and Opal as the kind of urban, well-educated couple who’ll settle for one kid, spoil it rotten with stuff and holidays abroad and college funds and whatnot. 🙂 Lily is adorable and my fingers itch to click the “try for baby” option, but I shall remain strong because they’re done.

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3 Responses to Come with me, go places

  1. Fini says:

    That’s just perfect for Ed and Opal. There’s not much more I can say, and you summed it up completely. As long as everyone is happy, it works.

  2. maisie says:

    I am SO glad they are done! I totally agree with your view of them, I spent the entire update reading, and thinking that this family is perfect with only one child. I’m so excited that Lily will be it for them, though I totally understand the itch to see the genetics play out.

    I really liked their trip overseas, they make a cute family. I could totally see Lily at school, I could even imagine them sending her to boarding school for college prep as a teenager to assure she gets the best education possible.

  3. Carla says:

    I was actually just about to say Ed and Opal are definitely one-child kind of parents. And honestly they seem like they’re doing an awesome job with Lily. She’s not a picky eater, she’s confident, smart and eager to try new things – that’s all great stuff for a 5-year-old. They’re obviously doing something right. 😉

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