Life puzzle

Summer 3034. Sophie Beana is 27, Michael Beana is 31, Vincent and Liv Beana are 5 months
Last update: Spring 3033 | Autumn 3033

For the past year, Sophie thinks, her life has definitely changed in every single way.

Right now it’s like she’s living in two completely separate worlds, almost like parallell universes.

She’s officially on maternity leave for the rest of the year, but she hasn’t given up working on her thesis and still wants to get caught up on what’s happening in the world of academia.  She’s also still set on defending her thesis in January.

Tess, her roommate at the faculty, is in a different kind of trouble with her own thesis and spends most of her summer holidays on campus, frowning over some old 17th century record that doesn’t add up the way she had planned for it to do. Sophie enjoys chatting with her over a coffee in the afternoons. It makes her feel like she still belongs here, like she hasn’t left.

The Ph.D is the best career decision she could ever have made for herself, so she’s unwilling to let it go even a little bit.

But naturally being a parent has taken over most of her life. She doesn’t mind it in the slightest – in fact, having a family life has always been a goal of hers – and it surprises her at times how easy she finds it.

Even with twins, they make it work fairly smoothly. Michael is a great father, like she had expected, and together they share everything from diapers to going up in the middle of the night to console a crying baby.

It’s not without its issues, this life. But it’s nothing they can’t overcome.

When she was younger, she used to want five, six children and a big house in the countryside. That ideal has definitely changed, but she is happy she’s started a family while still fairly young, imagining it will be easier for them now to wait a couple of years before expanding it. If she had been 35 she would have needed to consider another pregnancy very soon and she can’t really see that happening just yet. Besides, they don’t know if they’ll be so lucky next time around.


She’s really glad she’s met Sharlene at the parenting classes. They’ve become good friends recently and it’s a blessing since Sophie doesn’t know anyone else her age with kids and neither does Sharlene.

In several ways they’re pretty much in the same boat – the unfinished degrees at Uni, the unexpected and unplanned pregnancies and the various ways of dealing with that. Not to mention the twin thing!

Sophie has at least always dreamed about raising a family of her own, she’s not so sure Sharlene finds her current situation ideal. Karl has never struck Sophie as much of a family man, either. But her new friend seems to be happy about how he’s handling the matter, at least.

“We got some sleep last night,” she says as she comes over for one of their weekly kid-free sessions. They’ve quickly become waterholes for them both and Sophie isn’t sure she’d be half as happy without them. “So that’s a start.”

“Is Harry sleeping better too?” Sophie asks, feeling really grateful both her babies have been comparatively easy to handle so far.

“Somewhat, yeah. Karl has tried some technique his mum used for his little sister, I think. It seems to be working.”

“That’s good to hear.”

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When Sophie visits Sharlene and Karl, they do seem to have everything under control, which is comforting. She can’t help but worry a little sometimes, even though Michael claims she doesn’t have to be so concerned about other people’s family situations.

Vincent and Liv become more entertaining every day, as they grow more and more aware of their surroundings. If she’s honest, the first couple of weeks as a mother hadn’t really been very thrilling. The babies mostly slept and ate, but now when they’re reacting to things constantly, she finds them more fascinating than she would have thought possible.

Truth be told, both Michael and Sophie already want a third child even if they plan on waiting. It might make them crazy to think that way with baby twins in the house but they’re both very family oriented people.

They spend a lot of time with Opal and Ed as of late, too.

Opal seems to have settled into her life with Ed by now, and it appears the two of them work as well as Sophie could have hoped. It’s been a long-standing debate between her and Opal – Ed as a potential partner for Opal. Sophie has always known he loves her and that she’s probably the only one he could ever be serious with.

She doesn’t know exactly what it is, but there’s something in Opal that seems to match something in Ed. Like two pieces of the same thing, fitting together. They can handle each other, flaws and all.

It seems so very odd now that Sophie has ever been Ed’s girlfriend – a thing in the past that neither of them really talk about even if they don’t deny it either.

It’s just one of those things that doesn’t matter and they’ve both probably learned a lot from the experience but it’s not a part of their lives anymore.

Even so, Opal had been reluctant to date Ed because of it, because she claimed it was weird to take over her best friend’s boyfriend, but Sophie figures it had been more of an excuse than anything else.

She seems to have let go of those excuses now, at least.

It’s good to see them together, Sophie thinks every time she catches them doing something sweet like holding hands over the table or giving each other those meaningful glances or smiles.


“Is it weird for you, hanging out with Ed?” Sophie asks when they’re alone that evening. Even if they see them regularly, Michael and Ed have never really been talking as much as they had tonight.

Michael smiles a little. “Somewhat. I’m fine with it, though.”

“Good.” Sophie smiles back. “Besides, if it’s any consolation I can assure you that he was nowhere near as into me as he’s currently into Opal.”

Michael pulls her into his arms.

“Crazy guy.”

Sophie chuckles, nuzzling her forehead against his. “I know, right.”


And then they forget Opal and Ed entirely.


* I haven’t had enough cash to finish decorating this house, but it’s one of my downloads that I really enjoy playing in so once they earn more money, I can give you a tour. 🙂 

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2 Responses to Life puzzle

  1. starrsim says:

    Can’t wait for a tour of their place, and Sophie looks good for a mother of twins. I love the green top and skirt she’s wearing, do you remember where you found it? And wow, Sophie and Sharlene, so glad they met. It’s like they were destined to find each other, all the parallels in their lives.

  2. Carla says:

    That’s a good way to explain why a woman like Sophie might want to start a family quite young – it’s definitely going to be easier for her to spread out the babies now, and still take time for her work and academia. She seems very happy balancing those two parts of her life.

    So nice to see Ed and Opal doing so well and being so…dare I say it?…settled. Who ever would have thought, huh?

    Also, just a sidenote, but looking at all your gorgeous CC is giving me a serious case of envy right now! I can’t wait to see the tour of this place, because it looks lovely from what I can see.

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