What a day for a birthday (3034)

Spring/Summer 3034.

River’s Bend has two births this season!

The first couple to meet their new family members is Sophie and Michael Beana.

Sophie gives birth in early March, without any complications whatsoever. Both babies are perfectly healthy and very, very welcome.

First we have little baby girl Liv Beana.

And her twin brother Vincent Beana.

Sharlene Jenkins and Karl Krois had not expected a child – much less two of them, but here they are anyway. It’s too late for regrets now. Sharlene gives birth to twin boys in May and she knows, the moment she sees her sons, that everything has changed.

Here is little Isaac Jenkins.

And his brother Harry.

Karl had been the least happy father-to-be Sharlene could ever have imagined, but as soon has he holds the babies in his arms, he seems to change his mind for good.

He might not have wanted Harry and Isaac to begin with, but at least Sharlene can trust him to always be there for them now that they’re here.


* So far I haven’t played much in the Jenkins-Krois household but Karl has surprised me by rolling wants for the babies AND taking care of them all by himself. I don’t think he’s going to be quite as shitty a parent as one might have suspected. 😀 He’s Lana’s son, after all. They seem to come with the Decent gene regardless of their personalities. 

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One Response to What a day for a birthday (3034)

  1. Carla says:

    Aw, Karl! Well, look at you, being a good dad and all! I’m impressed. 😉

    Four babies – so exciting!

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