What a day for a birthday (3029)

Spring/Summer 3029.

Plenty of birthdays and graduations to celebrate this year!

First up is Jeremy Siew, who turns 5.

He’s a spitting image of his big sister Doris.

La Shawn’s twins Jack and Irvin also turn 5 and will be joining Jeremy at school this autumn.

Jack most resembles his late father Noah.

Irvin on the other hand, has his mother’s looks.

Karl Krois graduates from high school this summer and will be headed straight for university. He’s going to study biochemistry for two terms while he decides if he wants to apply for med school or continue along a different path.

His twin brother Konrad on the other hand has other plans than education – his main focus right now is to raise his daughter and once he’s got that sorted out he considers a career in law enforcement. Konrad has managed to get a job as a security guard as well as a cheap flat and will spend his very last summer break getting his new home ready for Elise to move in with him.

Martha Brushwood, Konrad’s girlfriend and Elise’s mother, is leaving River’s Bend to study economy at Sim City School of Business which is far away, but also without doubt one of the best schools in the country.

Edmund Krois and Sophie Beana both graduate from Academie Le Tour this summer.

Ed has been studying art and literature and graduates with a GPA of 3.0. He is interested in writing for a living and considers screenwriting as well as writing scripts for video games. So far he has no job offers.

Sophie has majored in history and graduates Summa Cum Laude. She will be returning to Le Tour this autumn to begin a four-year journey towards a PhD.

* Irvin is so CUTE. I get new favourites every time I age someone up and right now he’s my favourite.

* I swear I’ll never figure out how college works in the US and the Sim system seems based on that? Anyway, mine isn’t. 🙂 Here we call it Uni, we don’t live on campus, education is free for all and we get student loans and benefits so we can pay our (cheaper student housing) rents and buy beer (and food). Basically we live as regular grown-ups only with more parties. And a lot of people spend a couple of years drifting around/working before going to Uni. Low-income jobs 24/7 to make enough money to backpack across a continent is common. Or head off to Australia or Israel or anywhere else where you can pick fruit for very little money, get horrible heat strokes and hook up with strangers. Then we repent by spending the rest of our 20’s studying. 😀

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3 Responses to What a day for a birthday (3029)

  1. Carla says:

    Sounds very similar to uni in Australia! Except here, uni is free while you’re studying and then you pay the tuition back through the tax system later (it’s way cheaper than the US universities though).

    Irvin is very, very cute but Jeremy is my favourite. What a cutie! Martha and the Krois twins are looking good too. I’m curious how Martha and Konrad will go being separated and how Martha will feel being away from Elise.

    • River's Bend says:

      Yeah, we pay taxes for higher education as well and I like that system.

      Jeremy is adorable, yes. He’s a clone of Doris though, so my warm mushy feelings towards him and his cuteness have an edge of irriation. 🙂

  2. maisie says:

    Martha is gorgeous and Irvin is adorable as heck!! Love that kid!! Jeremy is a cutie too, bummer on the clone part but being opposite sex will help, I think so it’s not too samey.

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